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July 25, 2012 / Admin

Caffeine: Is it Possible to Have Too Much of a Good Thing?

Most of us could not get through the day without our favorite caffeine-laden drink. The long history and widespread use of caffeine make us trust both its safety and effectiveness. For one British man, however, an overdose of pure caffeine was fatal. Pure caffeine, available in a wide range of forms, is widely available online and lightly regulated. The most common use of pure caffeine is as a beverage additive. Energy drinks have been found to contain up to 141mg of caffeine per serving, although the naturally occurring caffeine in a large coffee can be more than double that.  Sodas fall in the range of 20-55mg of caffeine. None of these products warn of the possible side effects of consuming excessive amounts of caffeine. This is not much of a problem for products with relatively low doses of caffeine, such as soft drinks, but the lack of warnings on containers of pure caffeine is disturbing.


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