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July 25, 2012 / Admin

Frizz Free Hair – Is It Worth The Cancer Risk?

How far would you go for beauty? Would you inject yourself with a botulism toxin (botox) or how about slathering your head with formaldehyde? On October 29th the Oregon OSHA confirmed that the formaldehyde levels in the Brazilian Blowout product are below OSHA’s action level, Permissible Exposure Level, and Short Term Exposure Level .  This is despite the company having claimed and still claiming on their website that their product CONTAINS NO FORMALDEHYDE!! .

Personally, I am completely torn. I have actually used the Brazilian Blowout treatment and love it.   What I don’t love is the fact that the company marketed it as safe and formaldehyde free when it is not.  Even as recently as September, the president of the company gave an interview to California Watch where he stated that he provided samples to OSHA and expected that there be no formaldehyde and even suggested that the products sold on EBAY or by others are tampered with.

Apparently, Attorney General Jerry Brown did not love that either.  His office filed a suit yesterday for the unfair advantage the Brazilian Blowout company received by selling their product on false claims of safety and for violations of Proposition 65.   Claims have also been filed on behalf of consumers and hair stylists who claim they would not have purchased the product had they known it was not as safe as the company claimed and want to be reimbursed. In the meantime, the company is vehemently backing the safety of their product, although I don’t really see how they can continue to claim that it is formaldehyde free.   Putting aside the misleading marketing of the product, is it safe? For my own personal reasons, I really hope so.


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