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July 25, 2012 / Admin

Moving Consumers to Tears

Moving WorriesBetter Way 2 Move, one of many DBAs (“doing business as,” i.e., a fictitious business name) of CHS Transportation Inc., quoted $252 to Mike Applegate to move him from Folsom to Rancho Cordova, a move just over 10 miles down the US 50. Once the movers had loaded his possessions into their truck, they ratcheted up the price by nearly eight times to $1900. This included $1500 for packing material, even though mostly everything had already been packed. The movers demanded to be paid in full in cash. When Mr. Applegate said that he did not have that much in cash on him, the movers took off with all of his possessions. Only after paying in cash sometime later did he have his possessions delivered.

Mr. Applegate, like others, had been conned by a disreputable mover. Despite having their license revoked and suffering other administrative actions, including being fined and shutting off their phone line, CHS changed their DBA to Stevens Moving and Storage and continued scamming consumers. Those who have taken CHS to small claims court to recoup their losses have found that collecting on judgments against them is nearly impossible.

How can you avoid moving scams like this? It takes a bit of time to prepare yourself, but it can save thousands of dollars and the theft of your precious belongings. There are four main steps, which are explored in more detail in the below sections. First, do some research on potential moving companies. Second, make sure that the moving company doesn’t try to pull a fast one with its estimates or paperwork. Third, supervise the movers to prevent wasteful use of moving supplies or damage to your valuables. Fourth, if the moving company attempts to scam you, be prepared to fight back against them.


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