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July 26, 2012 / Admin

Johnson & Johnson Recalls Mylanta

What is going on at Johnson & Johnson? The pharmaceutical manufacturer has issued yet another recall. On December 2, CNN reported that the company recalled over 12 million bottles of the antacid Mylanta and more than 84,000 bottles of AlternaGel, a medication for heartburn relief. The recall was due to the fact that alcohol from flavoring agents was not listed on the products’ packaging. Johnson & Johnson officials said it is unlikely that the recalled products will cause either “alcohol absorption or alcohol sensitivity-related adverse events.” The recall was initiated so that the company could add the information to the label.


This recall comes just weeks after the company recalled millions of packages of Benadryl, Motrin, and Rolaids on November 15.  See this blog post by our very own Roxanna Tabatabaeepour for more information about that recall. In October, Johnson & Johnson recalled several over-the-counter drugs, including Tylenol, Motrin, and Benadryl, due to an “unusual moldy, musty, or mildew-like” odor. The company also issued a recall in late 2009 for certain varieties of Tylenol.  For a more complete list of recent Johnson & Johnson recalls see this blog post. A complete list of the lot numbers affected by the current recall can be found here.

Would these recalls make you think twice about purchasing Johnson & Johnson products in the future? They certainly raise some serious questions about quality control at the company. But Johnson & Johnson has been making drugs like Tylenol for decades. Is there enough history of quality there to overlook the company’s recent problems?


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