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July 26, 2012 / Admin

Lawsuit Claims Google Sells Defective Apps for Android Users

We’ve all been there – eager to get our hands on the latest, greatest gadget only to find that once we do, problems arise.  Take a cell phone, for example. You buy the latest smartphone and you’re ready to purchase all the apps that everyone has been talking about.  But when you do, they just don’t work on your phone.  For users of Android smartphones, this is exactly what happened to them when they tried to buy apps on the Google Play Store, a recent lawsuit alleges.

On March 142012, Android phone users filed a class action lawsuit against Google claiming that the Google Play Store – the online store where users buy Android apps from – fails to pre-test apps to ensure they would work properly on Android phones.  Google Play Store comes pre-installed on Android phones, so that users can easily shop for apps via the online store.  The plaintiffs in this case claim that when they downloaded apps,  many times the apps simply did not work.

According to the lawsuit, Google allows apps to be sold on the Google Play Store whether they are in working condition or not, knowing that some apps may not work properly on Android phones.  Given Google’s reputation as a technology leader, combined with the fact that Google takes 30% of all app sales sold through the Google Play Store, plaintiffs say they were misled to believe that they were purchasing safe and secure software that would work properly on their phones.  The lawsuit alleges that once users purchased unworkable apps, it was nearly impossible to return them based on Google’s strict return policy.  For users who spend $4 or $5 on an app, wasted money on unusable apps can add up.  Plaintiffs are seeking compensation for losses related to purchasing unusable apps, as well as an order requiring Google to pre-test apps for functionality before selling them on the Google Play Store.

If you have recently purchased the latest gadget but found that it does not live up to its representations, you may have purchased a defective or inadequately tested product. The attorneys at Khorrami, LLP are experienced in handling cases involving defective technologies and would be happy to help you get to the bottom of your latest technology frustrations.  For a free consultation regarding a recent issue with a defective product, contact Khorrami, LLP.




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