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July 26, 2012 / Admin

McDonald’s Sued for Advertising Happy Meal Toys to Sell Junk Food

Happy Meal  When I was young, I remember watching ads for G.I. Joe action figures. Their plastic guns shot oversized bullets and RPGs, their jeeps rolled over immaculately constructed “battlefields,” and their futuristic technology looked shiny and appealing to my five-year-old eyes. I begged my parents for the action figures, but they refused since the toys were violent. Advertisements for toys on television have changed little over the past few decades, featuring kids having tons of fun with all of their friends while playing with the featured toy. McDonald’s has had great success in enticing children to eat their food by including a toy with Happy Meals, the majority of which feature unhealthy food. Now, a mother of two in Sacramento is suing McDonald’s, claiming that their advertisements for Happy Meals manipulated her children into begging to eat at McDonald’s. So why should we care that McDonald’s incentivizes kids to eat their unhealthy food with the promise of receiving a cheap toy included in a Happy Meal? Shouldn’t parents regulate what their children eat?


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  1. Mrs C. / May 28 2013 8:23 pm

    growing up I didn’t go to mcdonalds because my parents didn’t take us…later in my thirties I went to work at mcdonalds. I worked the grill,the front,and drive-thru.I enjoyed the customers and the standards they taught .BUT this idea about mcdonalds making kids buy their food is stupid .Who takes them there-their parents . Who purchases the food – their parents. Who teaches their about eating good and portion amounts- their parents. I know the older kids going with friends or trips like football[sports] band and field trips don’t have their parents with them-The parents should get together and talk to schools and other systems about the food their kids should eat away from home. Don’t blame businesses for the schools that take the kids there. The only people who have control of their kids are the great parents who take time to teach their kid by knowledge and example on life and how to live it. If they don’t listen. it’s not any ones fault not even the parents. I guess people just need someone to take the blame. Parents when you do your best and tell them NO-the older ones may not listen- so some need blame others. I guess we’re just a blame everyone else generation.

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