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July 26, 2012 / Jordan Parkhurst

New York Nissan Dealer Sued for Consumer Fraud

At the end of last month, two customers of Saratoga Nissan, located outside of Saratoga Springs in upstate New York, filed a consumer fraud lawsuit against the dealership. The lawsuit alleges that representatives of the dealership persuaded the plaintiffs to join a nonexistent “finance program” and then forged the plaintiffs’ signatures on financial contracts and unnecessary extended warrantees.

Tashanna and Daquetta Jones previously visited Saratoga Nissan in August, 2011 to purchase a Maxima and Pathfinder, respectively. The sales representative informed each of them that the dealership could finance neither vehicle (both valued over $30,000) for under $500 per month. The representative instead allegedly offered Tashanna and Daquetta a “stepping stone” program, by which both could purchase an Altima (valued approximately $10,000 less than the Maxima or Pathfinder) to build credit with the dealership and then exchange their Altimas for the desired vehicles after 6 months. Both women agreed.

After six months passed, Tashanna and Daquetta attempted to exchange their vehicles, as previously promised. Saratoga Nissan, however, denied the existence of any such program and declined to accept the exchange. After contacting Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation, the financing arm of the dealership, Tashanna and Daquetta  claim they received forged finance documents evidencing higher prices than agreed and including $2,500 extended warrantees that exceeded the “stepping stone” program by 4 ½ years. They now seek damages, rescission of the contracts and a full refund for their purchases.

Earlier this month, the New York Attorney General, Department of Motor Vehicles and State Police executed a search warrant at Saratoga Nissan in response to 165 complaints of consumer fraud. The investigation remains ongoing.

If you feel you may be the victim of consumer fraud, please contact Khorrami, LLP for a confidential consultation.


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