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July 26, 2012 / Corina Valderrama

Samsung Galaxy S Defects Lead to Class Action Lawsuit

A new class action lawsuit has been filed against Samsung in the California federal court alleging that the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone.  Purchaser Ken Gilman has brought the suit, alleging that the phone malfunctioned shortly after purchase, resulting in missed calls, alerts, messages, emails and alarms. Gilman also alleges that he was unable to access or save data on the phone. Despite Gilman’s repeated attempts to obtain a working phone from Samsung, Gilman claims that Samsung refused to replace the defective device.

According to the complaint, the Galaxy S phones have an inherent design and/or manufacturing defect. The defect causes the phone to freeze then power-off while it is set in standby mode. The user must then remove the battery and restart the device.

Along with missed calls, messages, emails and alarms and loss of data, the repeated shutdowns render the advertised features boasted by Samsung virtually useless.

The class action seeks to hold Samsung accountable for concealing the defect, failing to take corrective action to fix the defect, and for knowingly selling the public the Galaxy S cellular phone that fails to perform as advertised.

The class action is seeking $5 million in damages for consumers who purchased the Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphones which the lawsuit claims are “defective” and “worthless.” The phone models included are Captivate, Fascinate, Vibrant, and Epic 4G.

If you have purchased a smartphone and have experienced malfunctions that suggest the device is defective, please contact Khorrami, LLP for an evaluation of your rights.




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