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July 26, 2012 / Admin

Stenting Scandal Incriminates Doctor and Abbott Laboratories

As a plaintiffs’ attorney focusing on mass tort pharmaceutical litigation, I’ve come to develop a special hatred for most pharmaceutical companies, considering them amongst the lowest scum of the earth. Sadly enough, I have recently found a lower scum, doctors who are puppets for the deceptive pharmaceutical companies.

We as a society hold doctors on a pedestal. Theirs is a profession of character and integrity, one that we all at one point might have aspired to become a part of. Heck, I would have been a doctor had I not realized that I couldn’t stand blood or touch a needle. So it comes as no surprise that I’m thoroughly disappointed and disgusted when I read a story about a doctor who performs unnecessary medical procedures for kickbacks and personal favors!

Recently, the Senate Finance Committee started investigating Dr. Mark Midei of St. Joseph Hospital in Towson, Maryland, after a numbers of articles in The Baltimore Sun alleged that he was improperly implanting hundreds of cardiac stents in patients for blockages or narrowing of the coronary arteries which are typically treated without a stent.

The 170 page report released after the investigation states that he “may have implanted 585 stents which were medically unnecessary” from 2007 to 2009, reaping $6.6 million for those procedures, of which $3.8 million was paid for by Medicare.

The report also delves into the inappropriately close relationship between Dr. Midei and Abbott Laboratories, the manufacturer of the stents that he was implanting. Internal company emails subpoenaed for the investigation indicate that Abbott ranked Midei among its top-volume doctors and rewarded him with research money and VIP trips. Despite the ethical and legal issues that surfaced about Dr. Midei, Abbott still hired him as a consultant to assist the company in marketing its stents in Japan and to help launch its newest stent, the Xience V.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first physician caught in bed with a pharmaceutical company and definitely won’t be the last.


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