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August 9, 2012 / Corina Valderrama

Mercedes-Benz Sued Over Defective Fuel Tank

A class action lawsuit was filed in a Georgia District Court alleging that Mercedes-Benz knowingly concealed a defect in the fuel tank assembly of model year 2003-2009 s. According to the lawsuit, the alleged fuel tank defect causes gasoline vapor to leak inside the vehicle cabin and liquid gasoline to leak outside the vehicle. The defect poses serious safety hazards as well as costs the owners wasted money on unused gas.

The failure to adequately contain raw gasoline fumes allegedly renders the Mercedes vehicles unsafe to drive and unsafe to store in garages due to potential for explosions and sickness. The lawsuit alleges that consequences of the gasoline vapor can include respiratory problems, nausea, loss of coordination, loss of consciousness, and even cancer.

Members of the class say they would have never purchased their Mercedes-Benz vehicles had they known of the safety defect beforehand. The lawsuit claims that Mercedes was aware of the defect as early as 2008, but failed to disclose the safety hazard to consumers and allegedly instructed their technicians to only replace fuel tank parts of vehicles under warranty after repeated complaints. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) requires car manufacturers to notify consumers of known safety problems and fix them at no charge to the consumer.

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