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September 6, 2012 / Nazareth M. Haysbert

New Class Action Heats Up Against Porsche Cayenne Alleging Defective Cooling System

A new class action has been filed against Porsche, claiming that the company failed to disclose to consumers that the Cayenne’s cooling system is inherently dangerous and defective.  The class action was brought in federal court in Abilene, Texas.

According to the complaint, Porsche Cayenne vehicles are equipped with defective plastic coolant pipes that crack, leak coolant fluid, or prematurely degrade when exposed to extreme heat, potentially causing significant engine failure or damage rendering the vehicle inoperable.  The lawsuit charges Porsche with intentionally installing the plastic coolant pipes, despite knowing they regularly failed prematurely with normal use, placing the safety of drivers, passengers and other citizens at risk.  Plaintiffs allege that Porsche refused to offer replacement plastic pipes when they attempted repairs, and instead forced plaintiffs to buy an “update kit” containing aluminum coolant pipes that cost significantly more than the originally installed defective pipes.

The lawsuit alleges fraudulent concealment, breach of express and implied warranties, violation of consumer statutes, and unjust enrichment.  Plaintiffs are asking that the court force Porsche to recall all Cayenne plastic coolant pipes and replace them with aluminum pipes, at Porsche’s cost.

If you have purchased a product and suspect that the product poses health or safety hazards, contact Khorrami, LLP for more information and a free consultation regarding your possible claims.


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