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August 29, 2013 / Admin

Three Feet for Safety Act- California’s Attempt to Create Safer Roads for Cyclists

Accidents involving motorists and bicyclists happen all too frequently in California. In an effort to make California’s roads a safer place for both motorists and cyclists, the state senate has approved a bill that will require drivers to stay at least three feet away from bicyclists when traveling in traffic.

With two failed attempts in getting the Three Feet for Safety Act passed, supporters of the act will attempt to get California Governor Jerry Brown to finally sign off on the legislation and keep California streets safe for all. The Three Feet for Safety Act – AB 1371 was approved by the state Senate on Monday, August 26, 2013. The bill will attempt to create a rule that asks motorist to keep a three-foot distance when passing a cyclist on California streets.  The bill, sponsored by Assembly Member Steven Bradford of Gardena, would replace the current requirement that drivers pass bicyclists at a safe distance without specifying what that distance is. Instead, it would require a minimum three-foot cushion between any part of the vehicle and the bike or its rider.

This bill is a big improvement over last year’s, which would have applied only to vehicles traveling in the same lane. Which means that if you were riding in a bike lane, the vehicle next to you could legally pass at significantly less than three feet. Instead, AB 1371 simply mandates a three-foot passing distance for any motor vehicle traveling in the same direction as the bike its passing. So the law applies whether you’re in a through lane, bike lane or turn lane or any other situation when you’re headed the same way. If Governor Brown signs off on the bill, California will join twenty one other states that mandate similar legislations.

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